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Monday, September 12, 2005

Mayor Nagin admits he should have done things differently!

UPDATE: I found the transcript! Link added at the quote.

I just watched the 2 hour Dateline special on Hurricane Katrina. At the end of the program, talking to Stone Phillips, mayor Nagin admitted he should have done things differently.
He said, "I should have screamed louder".
He didn't say, "I'm going to get the keys to every bus in the city in my hand and a list of assigned drivers." He also didn't say, "I'm going to stockpile bottled water, MREs and porta-potties at the sites chosen as shelters."

No, he said, "I should have screamed louder." Mayor, that's one hell of a plan! If that is the best you can figure out in hindsight, you are unfit to run the animal shelter. You are still a jackass!

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